April is one of our favorite times of the year here at Badjao Bridge. It’s when we see our sponsored Badjao children graduate from school or climb even just one level higher from where they started. It is a joy to witness their journey and see them get closer to their goals and dreams one step at a time, reaching another milestone in their lives. 


In the photos are Mempe, Sabina, Elena, and Ricky (above) and Carla (right). They are our five scholars who recently graduated from senior high school. They have overcome great odds to reach this far. Mempe, 19, said he never thought he could make it. But with determination and with the support of Badjao Bridge, he did it. Carla graduated with high honors. We also have 10 students who graduated from elementary school, two of them also with honors. We are so proud of them! 

All of this would not have been possible if not for your continued partnership with us through your prayers and financial support or any other way you have extended help to our work among the Badjao communities. We are truly grateful.