"I’ve worked with young children for over 25years…some people call me a “kid magnet.” It is my career choice, my profession, my passion! But one day I was invited to work with a different type of kids and it challenged me in ways I couldn’t describe. Dan Johanson invited me to go with his team to the Philippines...I was not willing. Dan didn’t give up inviting me for almost a year. Until something happened - my love for children button was pushed, my heart softened and suddenly – I had to go. It was as if God tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hey, you with the gifts and love for children – it’s time to think beyond yourself." So, I agreed, renewed my passport, and packed my bags." - Kandi Tasker-Dill

Kandi was one of our volunteers from the US who visited our community earlier this year. Thank you, Kandi, for taking that trip of faith and blessing the Badjaos with your heart.