A little over four years ago, we witnessed the complete devastation of a sea-dwelling village from the strongest typhoon ever recorded on earth. This was the moment we realized that as an organization dedicated to partnering with land-less Badjao families, we needed a structure of protection to shelter more than 150 vulnerable children during calamities.


The idea grew to include a preschool, after-school tutorial center, occasional health clinic and bathrooms for children and families lacking sanitary facilities. The Lighthouse would be dedicated to empowering the lives of hundreds and even thousands of children. Though not yet finished, we dedicated this building in a community wide celebration.


By the end of this year, we aim to complete the needed water filtration system, kitchen for school lunches, and bathrooms. If you've been a part of this project, or simply sponsoring a child, we share this exciting news with you in appreciation for your help. Thank you!