Born and raised in a hut over the water in a family which struggled to eat, Carmel’s prospects to escape poverty seemed dim. But thanks to Badjao Bridge’s sponsorship program, she became the first of her family to graduate high school and now studies accounting in a local college. Soon she’ll graduate with honors, and her career goals include helping Badjao Bridge to support other families in need.

This didn’t happen by itself. The support of donors and boundless dedication of volunteers and staff are improving the prospects of hundreds of Badjao.

We’re in the final stretch of fundraising for our new learning center, The Lighthouse. This multi-purpose facility will serve as a preschool, tutorial center, and emergency shelter for vulnerable children. It also will provide families with access to safe water and sanitation through a rainwater filtration system and access to toilets.  Donations totaling $100,000 have brought us through design, planning, and most of the construction phase. We are heading toward the finish line to complete this project by the end of 2017. Thanks to donors who have adopted this vision and partnered with us so far.